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*** Next North Pole flight scheduled for 1 May 2017. Tickets available at www.airevents.de ***

*** 23 April 2016: flightradar had some difficulties monitoring us...: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ab9669#98105be***

*** 23 April 2016: After a fascinating 11:59 trip over the Arctic, our 9th North Pole flight, AB9669 operated by Airbus 330-200 D-ABXD, has landed safely at DUS Airport. A big thank you to Cpt Wilhelm Heinz, 1st officer Bastian William Midasch, Dominic Tayolr and his cabin crew, the airberlin ad-hoc charter, catering, PR and flight planning departments and DUS station, and to our team and passengers and of course everyone who contributed!!!***

*** Reports from the 23 April flight:

Video Best-of (c) Alexander Mohl

Nordlandseite: Rätsel um Expedition gelöst!

Patrick Becker Photography


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GPS track of the flight (zipped gpx file ): http://www.airevents.de/formulars/gpx_nordpol_2016.zip


*** Our 8th Northpole flight took place on APR 25, 2015, operated by airberlin A330-200 D-ABXA, and landed safely at Düsseldorf at 21:14 local time. Our passengers and crew could get spectacular views on Spitsbergen and Greenland. We would like to thank all crew and everyone else involved in airberlin in preparing the flight. More information and links below***

GPS Track of flight AB1111, 25 APR 2015: http://www.airevents.de/formulars/2015_04_25_nordpol.gpx


Report Polarflug from German TV station WDR:

Report Polarflug on Youtube (1 hour video): here

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*** Aurora Flight 2015-11-14 from Cologne/Bonn airport - more infos here. ***

*** Our 7th Northpole flight has well returned to Berlin Tegel at 19:54 hrs on 27 April - after 11:50 hours of flying through the Arctic. We thank your crew and all airberlin staff involved, our TEAM and of course all 262 passengers for this wonderful day.***

*** German TV station RBB joined the flight. See the video here. Also, Sam Chui has uploaded a great video on youtube: Sam Chui / Youtube, and there is a nice report on an Italian website ***


The Arctic and the North Pole itself are one of the most remote and undiscovered regions on earth. It was under enormous stresses and strains that discoverers from all parts of the planet tried to withstand the harsh climate up here and reach the Pole - often with dramatic consequences. It was not only the climatic conditions but also the geographic location, 90 Degrees north, that helped create a myth that challenges explorers until today. Edwin Peary and Matthew Henson were the first to set foot on the world´s most northerly point in April 1909, less than 100 years ago.

We make reaching the pole a whole lot easier for you and invite you to join us for our next Polar Sightseeing Flight, operated by airberlin, Germany´s second largest carrier.